The reason to choose Thermal printing for your event

The reason to choose Thermal printing for wedding  magnets photography . A thermal printer is a digital printer that feed with photo paper from a cylinder that inserted into it at the beginning of the issuance process. The cylinder is placed inside the printer and the printing process undergoes a thermal injection of color crystals […]

Portable pop up Studio for your event

Portable pop up Studio for your event So the fun part of the event supposed to start (For weddings, proms, and commercial events) you looking to find an item to entertain your guests and give your reception that wow factor. Rather than the individual photo booths appearing on the wedding scene and can riskily attracted […]

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

 Whether you decide having it  two years before or three months earlier …to do it,Planning your wedding can be stressful. If like us suggesting , you can make an endless lists in your head (or instead a focused list on a scrap of paper) only not to forget those vital issues few minutes later… then our […]

Jewish wedding tradition & rituals that you MUST know 

 “A tradition is a belief or behavior passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past…” (Wikipedia) The ritual of A traditional Jewish wedding look & sound cool ,trendy & chic as a jewish bride/groom or more pressure/respect to the family but hey !!!  before that fact you must internalize that […]

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