The reason to choose Thermal printing for your event

The reason to choose Thermal printing for wedding  magnets photography .

A thermal printer is a digital printer that feed with photo paper from a cylinder that inserted into it at the beginning of the issuance process.

The cylinder is placed inside the printer and the printing process undergoes a thermal injection of color crystals affixed by a special color cylinder that sits inside the printer itself.

The color crystals are injected thermally into the paper roll and the paper cuts according to the size and shape of the photo magnet – there are several sizes.

The paper roll inside the machine is the roll of the patient by lamination.

The result obtained at the end of the print is a picture of the quality of a home laboratory attached to a magnet sheet.

The magnet is resistant to fading / peeling for maximum time while maintaining appropriate environmental conditions (temperature / humidity / contact).

The desired result: a photo magnet –defiantly the only memory that will stay to your event guests that will remain sharp and colorful for long time without symptoms of fading or peeling.

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