Wedding Polaroid Style – For the fans of Instant Film / magnets Polaroid Style

Wedding Polaroid Style – For the fans of Instant Film / magnets Polaroid Style.

One of the best things about going to a wedding is watching two people you love celebrate their awesome love,Awesome food with free drinks, being able to wear the right dress and look fabulous, the dancing… oh yeah, and of course the memories , which is obviously the whole point. But still Every one looking for something else ..unique / vintage / trend chic  …

One of the option is the classic Polaroid print, you must admit that there is something about this iconic prints that we all just can’t get enough of. If you are like us and have a penchant for all things Polaroid inspired, check out these items to decorate your wedding and let the guests enjoy or choose the other option magnets Polaroid Style.

There is something fun about photos when they’re taken with some added props and maybe a cool background and the idea is to let your guests share your moments through your polaroid photos/ magnets. wrap the printed photos round a tree, peg to personalized bunting or even suspend them over the dance floor tied to balloons (just watch the kids at the end of the night with the helium.

If you plan to use Polaroids at your wedding, consider sending a themed save the date magnet to guests to kick off the fun. We providing that service on 10/15 cm magnets and our couple love them. You can have filters applied to give your save the dates a vintage look.

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